How To Become A Family Home Provider With COI


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Interested In Becoming A FHP With COI?
COI Family Home Provider Qualifications
Frequently Asked Questions When Considering Becoming A FHP


Interested in Becoming a FHP?


Providing supports for a person with disability can be quite rewarding and at the same time quite challenging.   Therefore, it is important for a family home provider to have the assistance  and support of  an agency like COI.

COI is a family home agency  providing the newest community living service options for people with developmental disabilities 18 years of age and older.

We have the expertise and resources that  will assist you by providing quality services and supports.  We will train you in  how to become a certified COI family home provider.  Once certified, we facilitate in matching your skills and abilities to  specific  needs and preferences of a person with a developmental disability who is interested in a family home arrangement.

Teamwork Is A Key

COI will provide you with initial  and ongoing training,  support, and guidance from a team of professionals that are available 24 hours a day.

The COI staff will meet with you and the consumer regularly to discuss any issues or concerns.   Together as a team, we are able to create innovative strategies for success.

Cultural Sensitivity In Service Delivery

COI is sensitive to the diverse needs of each consumer, each family home, and each community.  We are committed to providing services that are culturally sensitive and take into consideration cultural and ethnic matching of consumers and family home providers.

If you have more questions about becoming a family home provider, or would be interested in attending the next COI Family Home Provider Orientation, please feel free to contact  a COI office near you listed at the bottom of this web page.   We welcome your call!

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Take A Look At COI's FHP Candidate Qualifications



     At least 1 year experience supporting a person or people with developmental disabilities

    Must be able to provide appropriate personal and professional references.

    Application must be accepted and approved by Community Options, Incorporated (COI).

    Must demonstrate financial stability, proof of homeowners insurance/renters insurance, automobile insurance, and family medical insurance.

    Initial and subsequent family home studies and interviews must be found supportive by COI.

    Must successfully complete and actively participate in the COI Pre-Certification Training and other training as required.

    Must demonstrate financial stability.

    Must be eligible to work in the United States.

    Must be able to speak and write English fluently.

    Must obtain criminal clearance through the Department of Justice and Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Physical home environment must be in compliance with COI’s standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Considering

Becoming A Family Home Provider

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Who can become a certified family home provider?

You can be single, married, or have other family members living with you in your home.    However, you must be able to demonstrate stability, warmth, and the capacity to include another family member into your everyday home life.

You must also have at least six (6) months direct experience in the field serving people with developmental disabilities, social work, counseling, or education.

Is there special training involved?

Yes.  COI provides you with an intensive certification training program.  After you have been certified, you are required to attend training sessions once a month.  Opportunities to attend conferences and seminars are available to family home providers throughout the year.

What  does it take to become a certified family home provider?

A family home provider must be certified by COI prior to serving consumers.  The certification process can take a couple of  months to complete and includes the following components:

    Core Certification Training
    Additional Certification Training
    Family Home Assessment and Evaluation
    Issuance of Certificate of Approval

What are the needs of consumers served by COI?

Consumers placed in family homes through COI have varying needs and are from various backgrounds.  They all have a developmental disability that may include the following: mental retardation, autism, epilepsy, Down syndrome,  cerebral palsy, and/or other substantially handicapping conditions.

COI specializes in the skills necessary to assist family home providers in serving consumers who may have challenges that require special supports.

What role do I play in deciding which consumer will live in my home?

Prior to placing,  we have to assure that there is a good match between the consumer and your family home.  COI can make arrangements for short-term trial home visits.

How long am I expected to serve this person in my home?

This will vary from consumer to consumer.

How many people can I serve in my home at one time?

The number of consumers receiving support from you will vary upon the needs of the consumer, your skill, and resources that are available. No more than two (2) consumers will be placed into the same family home.

How am I reimbursed for the services I provide?

COI will reimburse you monthly for services, room, and board.  Reimbursement for services varies depending upon the service needs of the consumer served and the family home providers' skill level.

There is a tax advantage in that payment for services is not considered taxable income.  Contact your tax consultant for further advice.

To find out about the next COI Orientation date in your area,
please contact your nearest COI office.

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